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Helping Clients With Military Divorce Issues In The Panhandle

Family law issues for military families often require the attention of a family law attorney who has a wealth of experience representing the rights of military servicemen and women and their families.
Attorney James Campbell of the Campbell & Madden, PLLC, has more than 32 years of combined experience handling military law issues for civilians and members of the military.
Our lawyers are experienced advocates who provide personalized representation and education that helps you make informed decisions about your case. A thorough understanding of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, VA disability/concurrent receipt, military retirement entitlements, thrift savings plan entitlements and allowances are all vital in order to protect the rights of the military member or to obtain maximum results for a client who is married to a military member. Our detailed knowledge of military divorce law makes us well-suited to represent your best interests. Contact us today to learn more about your rights in a military divorce case. We represent clients in Okaloosa County and throughout the Panhandle.

The Military Divorce Process

The process of seeking a military divorce can be difficult to navigate. Military benefits and other issues that apply specifically to military servicemen and servicewomen and their families often cause complex and time-consuming legal struggles. Our firm takes a broad look at your case, prepares any documents and sends them around the world to ensure that your best interests are served throughout the course of seeking a divorce. A divorce can be resolved by agreement even if one party is deployed out of the country. If necessary, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act can be invoked if a military member is being called into court while stationed away from county where court is to be held.

Representation For Divorce-Related Issues

We represent clients in a range of other matters, including:

  • Child custody (time sharing)
  • Child support
  • Alimony (spousal support)
  • Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) payments
  • Rights of the military member’s spouse
  • Paternity

Child Relocation

Florida has specific statutes that govern the ability of a parent to move out of state and relocate with a child. Our firm can advise you of the laws and how to proceed if you or a spouse has been transferred out of Florida, or has pending orders to transfer. If a parent has received PCS Orders requiring a move of 50 miles or more, then consent of the other parent or a court order must be obtained so that time-sharing can be addressed. Copies of these orders must be included with the request to relocate, which is called a Petition to Relocate. Relocation cases are entitled to expedited review.

Deployment Issues And Time-Sharing

If a parent is activated, deployed or temporarily assigned to military service in excess of 90 days, Florida law gives that parent expanded rights as it relates to time-sharing with the children. The deployed parent may designate another relative to exercise time-sharing in the deployed parent’s place. Additionally, a parent returning from deployment may be entitled to significant “makeup” time-sharing. This scenario is entitled to an expedited hearing. This section does not apply to a permanent change of station moves by military personnel.

Assisting Military Service Men And Women Across The Globe

Even if you are stationed abroad, our firm can assist you in dealing with your military divorce and other family law issues. If you are a resident of Florida or your spouse is a resident and has filed for divorce in Florida, we can represent the rights of anyone around the world. Our firm effectively stays in close contact with clients via email, Skype, phone and fax whenever necessary.

Located just outside of the west gate of Eglin Air Force Base, our firm has handled numerous types of military divorce and other military law cases for servicemen and women, along with families of military members. Call us at 888-646-1535 or email us today to learn more about the services a lawyer at our firm can provide to those serving our country and supporting them at home.

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