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Man faces drunk driving charges after restaurant argument

Drunk driving charges are a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. In a Florida community east of the Shalimar area, a 41-year old man was recently arrested on drunk driving charges. According to authorities, they pulled the man over after he left a local restaurant where a verbal dispute had been reported. According to the police report, the man did not initially pull over for police and was traveling 57 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. Authorities reported that the man had the smell of alcohol on his breath and that they also found a glass pipe for marijuana use.

Police further reported that they conducted field sobriety tests on the man and that he did not do well on them. According to authorities, they tested his blood alcohol content level twice and it measured at .189 and .208 respectively. The man was charged with DUI and drug possession because authorities allege that the residue on the pipe tested positive as marijuana. The man was taken to jail. The penalties and consequences of drunk driving charges can have a significant impact of the daily lives of those accused of driving under the influence.

Addressing child custody concerns

Child custody concerns are an important consideration for most divorcing parents. As a result, it is helpful for divorcing parents to understand how child custody concerns are addressed and handled through the family law system and the resources available to them through the family law process.

The guiding focus of all child custody considerations is what is in the best interests of the child. The family law court evaluates a host of factors to determine what is in the best interests of the child which can be different in each circumstance. The family law process in Florida recognizes that, whenever possible, it is best for the child to have a good relationship with both parents.

Understanding who can challenge a will

When a will is challenged, it can impact a number of parties which is why it is helpful to understand who can challenge a will. It is not possible for everyone or anyone to challenge a will and, generally, only an interested party has standing to challenge the will and is able to challenge a will.

A will cannot be contested simply because a party disagrees with it or is not satisfied with what they received in the will. Wills are an important part of the estate planning process and help ensure assets and property are distributed according to the wishes of the estate planner. There are important rules and requirements associated with executing a will to provide peace of mind to the estate planner and family members that the will accurately reflects the wishes of the estate planner.

The different options for establishing paternity

There are different methods of establishing paternity it is important for parents and families to be familiar with. Paternity has significant implications for children, parents and families including both emotional and financial importance that can also impact child custody and child support.

According to family law, paternity is assumed for married couples if a child is born while the parents are married, however, that is not true for unmarried couples. Determining paternity has an impact on child support, child custody, inheritances, health history and other important considerations. Parents can be established in different ways following the birth of a child to unmarried parents.

Prescription drug DUI charges in Florida

Florida drivers often do not realize DUI charges do not always come as a result of drinking too much or taking illegal drugs. When taking medication that impairs driving ability, criminal penalties can ensue.

This remains true even when you take your medicine based on a legal prescription and according to your doctor's instructions. It also does not matter how important to your health the medication is. The main issue is whether taking the drug actually caused you to drive in an unsafe manner.

Potential penalties associated with drunk driving

Because penalties for drunk driving can be serious, it is important to be familiar with drunk driving defense options. Drunk driving defenses include a range of options based on the situation and circumstances the accused individual is facing, including the charges and potential penalties they are facing.

Potential penalties associated with drunk driving charges include fines; incarceration; driver's license suspension and revocation; an ignition interlock device; probation; and enrollment and completion of a drunk driving class or an alcoholism class. Driving under the influence charges can apply to intoxication from alcohol or drugs. Drunk driving charges can also vary my state so it is helpful to be familiar with what the drunk driving laws are in the state where the accused individual has been charged.

Everything to know about the divorce process in Florida

There is a lot to go over during a divorce process. Divorcing couples will need to sort out property and debt division; alimony and child support; child custody and visitation which can each lead to their own sets of anxieties, concerns and acrimonies. Fortunately, the family law system is available to help divorcing couples through the process.

Divorcing couples are always encouraged to reach settlements related to their divorce-related concerns on their own and by working together, however, when they are unable to do so, the family law court can help guide them and ultimately will make decisions when necessary. It is helpful for divorcing couples to know what to anticipate and what will be considered related to each of their divorce-related concerns.

Estate planning documents to be familiar with

Rules and requirements concerning estate planning can vary by state which is why it is always helpful to understand the rules and requirements in the estate planner's state but there are several documents that form the basis of an effective estate plan. The estate planning documents, or tools, estate planners may wish to consider can be utilized in a manner that fits the estate planner's needs and wishes for their overall estate plan.

Estate planning documents estate planners should include in their estate plan includes first a validly-executed will. A will lays out how an estate planner wants their assets and property to be distributed and ensures those wishes are followed and that an estate planner's beneficiaries are cared for. A living trust or other trust option may also compliment an overall estate plan and can provide some advantages estate planners and their families should be familiar with.

Criminal defense protections for drug charges

Unfortunately, drug charges are common and can also commonly lead to long prison sentences which can result in the loss of freedom and future for accused individuals. Because of the serious impact of drug charges, it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with how to exercise their criminal defense rights.

The penalties associated with a drug charge can depend on the type of drug, the amount of drug and what type of drug charge the accused individual is facing. Accused individuals can face drug charges including drug possession charges; charges for selling drugs; drug trafficking or drug distribution charges; or charges for manufacturing drugs. Illegal drugs that accused individuals may face criminal charges associated with include marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine and other illegal drugs as well.

When can I challenge a will?

It is important to know when to challenge a will and in what circumstances a will can be challenged. Because estate planning is such an important process to ensure the wishes of the estate planner are fulfilled, it is helpful for family members and beneficiaries to understand the will contest process when a will contest becomes necessary.

It is useful to keep in mind that the process of contesting a will can be challenging. Nearly all wills pass through the probate process uneventfully. A will records the wishes of the estate planner which is why the court will want to ensure those wishes are being fulfilled. Any party that has an interest in the will can challenge the will. Wills are most commonly and successfully challenged by spouses. If the will challenge is successful, the entire will can be voided or just a part of the will may be voided.

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