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Transitioning through divorce as a stay-at-home mom

A divorce is a life change that can affect you in several different areas of your life. As a mother, the effects reach even further.

For those currently going through a divorce or will be in the future, it is important to understand and plan for certain things. Here are a few key aspects to keep in mind to make your transition a bit easier.

Criminal defense protections for those accused of DUI

While there may sometimes be the impression that drunk driving charges are not serious criminal charges, they are serious criminal charges that threaten significant potential penalties and consequences for the accused individual. The accused individual may face potential incarceration, steep fines and a criminal record as a result of DUI charges.

In Florida, driving under the influence charges may be based on a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher but may also be based on other circumstances such as driving erratically or based on the statements of arresting authorities. It is important to know how to challenge all of the pieces of evidence being used against the accused individual that form the basis for the accusations and charges against them.

Florida property division laws during divorce

Property division during a Florida divorce can be a challenge which makes it helpful for divorcing couples to understand. Property division is generally based on the type of property at issue and equitable property division rules.

Florida is an equitable property state which means that property is divided during divorce based on equitable property rules. What that means for divorcing couples is that property will be divided in a manner that is as fair as possible to the divorcing spouses. The court will seek an equitable property division agreement that helps each of the divorcing spouses be on as solid a financial footing as possible following the divorce.

Child support and spousal support following a divorce

How much money will have to be paid in child support and spousal following a divorce is an important concern for most divorcing couples and parents. Because of the understandable concerns surrounding child support and spousal support, it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand how the family law process addresses these concerns.

Child support is determined based on child support guidelines in the state of Florida. Spousal support is determined based on a variety of different factors. In addition, there are different types of spousal support, or alimony, that may be awarded. The different types of alimony include permanent periodic alimony; rehabilitative alimony; transitional or bridge the gap alimony; and temporary alimony. The different types of alimony are designed for former spouses in different situations.

The basics of when a will can be contested

Going through the process of handling an estate after a loved one passes away can be challenging in a variety of ways. As a result, it is helpful for family members and loved ones to be familiar with the probate

process and also in what circumstances they may challenge a will if they think there has been a problem. In addition, it is helpful for families and loved ones to know how to respond to a will challenge.

Can students lose scholarships after a DUI?

It is no surprise to hear many college students experiment with alcohol while in school. Unfortunately, many decide to act dangerously after a night of drinking and get behind the wheel of a car. One University of Florida student did precisely this by ramming his car into a light pole. Police later arrested him for driving under the influence of alcohol

Students need to be especially careful about staying on the right side of the law. Numerous students in Florida are dependent on scholarships to afford paying for school. Many students get a scholarship, but they then have to retain it, which can include maintaining a certain GPA. Many scholarships require the student to maintain a perfect legal record, and a DUI charge can certainly jeopardize this financing. 

All about breathalyzer tests and how to challenge them

Penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving charges are serious which is why accused individuals should be familiar with the evidence that may be used against them if they are facing drunk driving charges. Accusations, allegations and charges related to impaired driving are oftentimes based on breathalyzer tests results. A breathalyzer test is designed to measure the blood alcohol content level of the accused individual.

To begin with, it is important that the arresting officer is properly trained in how to administer a breathalyzer test. In addition, there are both portable and other types of breathalyzer tests that may be located at a police station and it is also important to be familiar with this difference. It is also necessary to know that breathalyzers must be properly calibrated and maintained to ensure that the results they provide, upon which criminal charges may be based, are accurate.

The importance of knowing criminal defense options

A strong criminal defense is important to develop and to understand. In many respects, it is based on the situation, alleged facts of the situation, circumstances of the accused individual and how authorities and prosecutors are approaching the charges the accused individual is facing.

Because there is so much on the line, and criminal charges and criminal defense can be complex, it can be helpful for accused individuals to have trained guidance throughout the process of developing and executing a criminal defense strategy. In addition, accused individuals should be familiar with their criminal defense rights and how to enforce those rights. One of those rights is to defend against criminal charges they might be facing.

The process of drafting a will

There are many important steps involved in drafting a will. Estate planners should be familiar with the will drafting process to ensure that their wishes are accurately included in their will and that their estate planning concerns are addressed.

Having a properly drafted will can help with probate and other estate planning concerns. There are a variety of complexities associated with executing a will so trained guidance throughout the process can he helpful. One of the first important steps is for the estate planner to select their beneficiaries. The next steps include selecting an executor for the will and a guardian for any children.

How child custody concerns are handled during divorce

Many divorcing families may be generally familiar with child custody but it can be useful to review how child custody decisions are made when a couple is facing divorce and is understandably concerned about child custody. During a divorce, child custody can be a concern that is on the top of the list for many divorcing couples so it helps to understand the process.

Child custody decisions are always based on what is in the best interests of the child. What is in the best interests of the child is a case-by-case consideration that can be based on the evaluation of a variety of different factors. Factors can range from the wishes of the child to the health of the parents and their ability to care for the child. Other factors, including the child's connection to family, school and community, may also be considered.

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