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How do you navigate your job search with a BUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | drunk driving defense |

Not too long ago, you received a boating under the influence charge, right around when you started searching for a new job. Does your BUI disqualify you from nearly every position in Florida? 

Chron breaks down how to explain a BUI during your job search. Your criminal record does not have to derail your job search completely. 

Face the truth

Companies may easily run background checks on job candidates, so do not lie about your BUI. You do not know if a business employs workers with criminal records, so your charge may not become the impediment you think it to be. On the other hand, employers do not want to work with people who lie, so do not shy away from the reality of what happened. 

Share how your charge changed you

What did you learn after your BUI? Do you take responsibility for what happened? When you share the news of your charge, explain how the ordeal changed you and how you seek to improve yourself. You do not have to let embarrassment or shame hold you back. Instead, take what happened and use it as fuel to show companies what you offer that other candidates do not. 

Time your reveal

You do not have to mention your BUI on your cover letter, on a job application or even during your initial interview. An ideal time to share your criminal charge is when the employer shows a genuine interest in wanting to bring you on board. After you forge a connection and show your professional skills and experiences is the time to mention your BUI. 

Know your rights regarding getting a job with a BUI. Proper knowledge may make the experience easier.