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How badly does a DUI affect your auto insurance?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2021 | drunk driving defense |

When faced with a DUI charge, your car insurance may not rank high on your list of priorities. Still, knowing how to move forward strategically involves taking a look at all the risks and inconveniences that may result from a successful conviction. 

Nerdwallet estimates that your car insurance premiums might climb by around 75%. Are you willing to pay an increase like this? 

What affects the final number?

Just as when you first applied for your car insurance policy, many factors affect how high your premium becomes. Note that in some cases, your insurance provider might decide you are no longer insurable and cancel your policy. What insurance companies consider important might also vary, but these tend to rank among the most common criteria: 

  • Whether this is your first DUI 
  • Whether you have other driving-related issues on record 
  • How old you are and how long you have had your license 
  • Whether you drive a high-risk vehicle, such as a sporty coupe 
  • Whether you successfully complete a defensive driving course 
  • Whether you had a serious accident or anyone suffered serious injuries 

What can you do to lower the number?

If your car insurance premium climbs too high or the insurer kicks you off the policy, there are a few ways you can get better insurance. The first step to take involves shopping around for other options. Next, try to take advantage of discounts, such as those for multiple policies, paying in full, going paperless or using driver-tracking technology. 

NerdWallet estimates that, in Florida, you could see an annual increase of $699 in your policy premiums. You may also need to complete the FR-44 form and file it to satisfy court requirements.