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Mitigating The Impact Of Probation Violations

Last updated on April 28, 2021

In Florida, over 166,000 people are on supervised release or probation. This means that almost one in every 130 people is on probation or limited release. While probation often can offer convicted people the opportunity to reintegrate into their community, the terms of probation can be strict and even a minor violation can disrupt a person’s progress and lead to reincarceration.

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Protecting You From Arbitrary Probation Violations

Probation requirements should help you avoid reentry into the criminal justice system, often referred to as recidivism. Unfortunately, this often means that those on probation must abide by subjective rules that vary based on their probation officer’s individual approach. Even a simple violation, like the ones below, can lead to reimprisonment:

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Well-Reasoned Advocacy That Judges Respect

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