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Skilled Appellate Representation For Criminal And Civil Cases

When you hire the Campbell & Madden, PLLC, to represent you in a criminal, family or civil matter, you can do so with confidence that if a trial court rules against you and there are grounds for an appeal, we can continue representing you at that stage.

The Standards For Challenging A Ruling

Attorney James Campbell has over 32 years of experience handling appeals and attorney John Madden Jr. established strong relationships with local judges and prosecutors during his five years of practice as an Assistant State Attorney in the First Judicial Circuit of Florida. Together, we are very familiar with the procedures that apply to appeals in Florida’s First District.

Whether your case is classified as family, criminal or civil, the appeals process is governed by the same standard. Your attorney must allege, based on the record of the trial, that the trial judge made an error in interpreting or applying the law. The appeals court will then evaluate that argument.

You cannot appeal findings of fact made by a jury. You can, however, appeal the instructions given to the jury by the judge, which may have influenced the jury to view the facts in the wrong legal light.

Ready To Step In And Help

If you are looking to appeal a trial court decision that went against you and the attorney who represented you at trial is not prepared to handle the appeal, we can step in and take your case at the appeal stage. We have experience examining the factual records of a case and the files maintained by other lawyers in order to effectively handle family, criminal and civil appeals.

Contact our firm to get skilled legal representation in your criminal, family or civil case from an attorney who is fully prepared to appeal the outcome if necessary. Call our office in Shalimar at 888-646-1535 or reach the firm by email to schedule a consultation.