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What are the most common reasons for divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | divorce |

If you are currently considering divorce, you may feel pressured to make it work in spite of your unhappiness. Family members, friends and religious leaders may urge you to forgive whatever transgressions led to the rift in your marriage. You may also feel unwilling to start over again. 

All of this may cause you to question if you even have legitimate reasons for wanting a divorce. Ultimately, you need to come to this decision on your own. However, here are some common reasons people divorce. 


Some couples move on from infidelity, but others cannot forgive their partners for what occurred. In some cases, both partners may have cheated. It may have even resulted in paternity discrepancies or extramarital children. 

Substance abuse

Business Insider reports that substance abuse remains one of the big “final straw” elements that factor toward the end of a marriage. Many people do feel guilty about leaving partners to fight addiction alone. 


The common saying of “argue like a married couple” often breeds a dysfunctional idea that married couples should argue. Disagreements do not need to escalate into fights. When this continually happens, people may feel more inclined to walk away. 


Financial problems may manifest in several different ways. Here are a few: 

  • One spouse suddenly begins to make more money than the other. 
  • One partner takes on a lot of debt that begins to hamper the other. 
  • One partner has a low credit score that makes purchasing a house together difficult. 
  • One partner spends the marital assets carelessly. 

Countless other reasons exist that may drive couples apart. Take some time to decide for yourself where you draw the line.