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Do you know how to choose a designated driver?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | drunk driving defense |

Before heading out for an evening of drinks with your friends, you may decide that one of you should act as the designated driver. Doing so is a great way to avoid an accident and a DUI, but you have to make your selection carefully. 

Alcohol.org offers tips on choosing a proper designated driver. Keep your night of enjoyment from turning into a nightmare. 

Resisting temptation 

One of the most essential qualities of a designated driver is resisting the temptation to have even one sip of alcohol. See if any bars in Florida offer special non-alcoholic drinks or specials for designated drivers that serve as an incentive. 

Keeping up with insurance and driver’s license requirements  

Your designated driver should have a valid driver’s license; s/he also needs current auto insurance. Imagine the person successfully staying sober throughout the night only to receive a ticket for having expired tags or an invalid license. 

Choosing ahead of time  

Select your designated driver before the night begins. The chosen individual should know about the responsibility of getting everyone home safe ahead of time, so s/he can plan accordingly. Waiting to decide even a moment before ordering your first round of drinks can leave everyone in a tight spot if no one wants to volunteer. 

Taking turns 

If you and your friends like to go out together a lot, rotate designated drivers. Having the same person be the designated driver time and time again can lead to arguments and feelings of resentment. 

No matter how close you live to your favorite bar, do not drive home after consuming even a drop of alcohol. Leave the task to a responsible, dependable designated driver.