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Violating your probation terms could land you in jail

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2019 | Firm News |

If a court convicts you of an offense and places you on probation, you should be careful to avoid violating the terms. A probation violation puts you at risk of jail, fines or other penalties. 

Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Walton County area probation officers and courts have a lot of power over your life when you are on probation. Make sure you are following your probation terms, including these points. 

Be there for all court appearances and probation officer meetings 

You must take any official appearances and meetings seriously.  Leave early so that you are not late or absent. You may also have to submit to drug and alcohol testing during these meetings, so avoid excessive alcohol use or any illegal drug use. 

Pay any money you owe to the court or victims 

You may owe fines to the court. You may also owe money to the victims of the crime the court convicted you of. Make sure you pay this money so they do not revoke your parole. 

Do not associate with criminals 

If you have friends who get involved in criminal activities, you need to make new friends. For one, they may influence you to commit crimes. Even if they do not, your parole office may consider your association with these people enough of a reason to recommend revoking your parole. 

Do not break the law 

A minor offense for anyone else could be a significant problem for you. Obey all laws, including traffic laws and drug laws.  

Do not travel without permission 

Your parole office may have to approve outofstate trips for any reason, including weddings, funerals or other family events.  

If your parole officer or the court decides you have violated parole, you may have to appear at an administrative hearing to avoid significant penalties. Avoid trouble by doing everything your parole officer tells you to do.