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Defining and understanding domestic violence

| May 16, 2019 | criminal defense, Firm News |

Domestic violence can be a complicated legal matter than can involve both the criminal law and family law systems. It can lead to serious penalties and consequences that can increase if there is a protective order that the accused individual us also accused of violating which may result in additional charges, penalties and consequences.

A criminal defense is needed in response to any criminal charges. A criminal defense can help the accused individual effectively address the concerns they are facing. It is important to note that legal resources are available to all parties impacted by domestic violence and domestic assault situations. It is helpful for individuals who have been accused of domestic violence to also be familiar with what is considered domestic violence and the different behaviors that could potentially result in domestic violence charges.

Domestic violence can refer to physical abuse which can refer to any unwanted violent contact such as hitting, slapping, shoving, punching, biting and so on. In addition, domestic violence can also refer to sexual abuse which can occur if there is coerced or forced sexual activity. Other domestic violence behaviors include emotional abuse which can be aimed at self-esteem or self confidence or economic abuse which oftentimes times involves power and control through finances. Psychological abuse is also another form of domestic abuse. Threatening behavior, stalking and cyberstalking call can also result in domestic abuse allegations.

Because domestic violence impacts families, individuals and communities, it is necessary for everyone involved to be familiar with the legal process and legal resources available to them. Legal resources can help guide anyone involved in domestic violence, including those accused of domestic violence and facing domestic violence charges, through the family law and criminal justice processes.