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What penalties can I face for a drunk driving charge?

| Apr 12, 2019 | drunk driving defense |

In general, there is a list of potential penalties individuals accused of drunk driving may face but they may also specifically wonder what those potential penalties and consequences they are facing are. Typically, accused individuals facing drunk driving charges are facing a fine, potential incarceration, driver’s license suspension or revocation, probation and the requirement that they enroll in a drunk driving or alcoholism class.

In addition, drunk driving penalties can also include the requirement that the accused individual install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle which can also be a costly requirement. An ignition interlock device is a device installed on the accused individual’s car that captures their breath and measures their blood alcohol content level and will not allow them to start the vehicle if their blood alcohol content measures above a certain level. Accused individuals may also be required to attend a drunk driving school or treatment program. The loss of a license is also a possibility.

Drunk driving defense options are important because of the extensive penalties and potential consequences accused individuals are facing which can impact their personal and professional lives. A drunk driving defense can be approached in a variety of different ways but depends on the specific situation and circumstances of the accused individual. The accused individual may wish to address any inappropriate actions made by authorities or challenge the facts as alleged or evidence as presented by authorities. There are other defense options the accused individual may also wish to consider.

Being accused of drunk driving can turn the accused individual’s life upside down which is why they should be familiar with criminal defense protections that can help them. They should know their options and the protections the criminal justice system affords them when facing drunk driving charges.