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All about breathalyzer tests and how to challenge them

| Jan 17, 2019 | drunk driving defense |

Penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving charges are serious which is why accused individuals should be familiar with the evidence that may be used against them if they are facing drunk driving charges. Accusations, allegations and charges related to impaired driving are oftentimes based on breathalyzer tests results. A breathalyzer test is designed to measure the blood alcohol content level of the accused individual.

To begin with, it is important that the arresting officer is properly trained in how to administer a breathalyzer test. In addition, there are both portable and other types of breathalyzer tests that may be located at a police station and it is also important to be familiar with this difference. It is also necessary to know that breathalyzers must be properly calibrated and maintained to ensure that the results they provide, upon which criminal charges may be based, are accurate.

There are important calibration and maintenance procedures requiring a certain frequency and other elements that it is useful for accused individuals to be familiar with when defending themselves against drunk driving charges. If the police department did not routinely maintain the breathalyzer that was used, according to the best procedures and schedules provided, it may form the basis for a criminal defense challenge to the evidence and the charges the accused individual is facing.

A strong drunk driving defense may be based on a variety of different considerations and always depends on the situation and circumstances. Because individuals accused of driving under the influence can face a litany of negative consequences and stiff penalties, it is essential for them to be familiar with their criminal defense options and rights.