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Potential penalties associated with drunk driving

| Nov 16, 2018 | drunk driving defense |

Because penalties for drunk driving can be serious, it is important to be familiar with drunk driving defense options. Drunk driving defenses include a range of options based on the situation and circumstances the accused individual is facing, including the charges and potential penalties they are facing.

Potential penalties associated with drunk driving charges include fines; incarceration; driver’s license suspension and revocation; an ignition interlock device; probation; and enrollment and completion of a drunk driving class or an alcoholism class. Driving under the influence charges can apply to intoxication from alcohol or drugs. Drunk driving charges can also vary my state so it is helpful to be familiar with what the drunk driving laws are in the state where the accused individual has been charged.

Drunk driving penalties can include costly penalties and consequences such as installing an ignition interlock device on the accused individual’s vehicle or the cost of a drug and alcohol class. Additional costs may be associated with getting a driver’s license back. Jail sentences can also be costly for both accused individuals and their families. To mitigate the charges and potential penalties accused individuals are facing, drunk driving defense options may focus on challenging the alleged facts as reported by police or the behavior and activities of police.

There are important procedures authorities must follow to ensure the rights of accused individuals are protected. Accused individuals have a variety of important rights through the criminal justice which may form the basis of a criminal defense so it is essential for accused individuals to know how to enforce their rights when they have been accused of a crime such as drunk driving.