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The importance of a criminal defense to DUI charges

| Sep 14, 2018 | drunk driving defense |

When facing drunk driving charges, it is important to first understand that there are both criminal and administrative consequences associated with a DUI charge. One can result in potentially significant fines and time and jail and other can result in driver’s license suspension and other possible penalties and consequences.

Drunk driving charges can have far-reaching consequences that can potentially last a lifetime. They can have an impact on the professional and personal lives of the accused individual which makes understanding drunk driving defense options essential for individuals who have been accused of driving under the influence. The legal limit for blood alcohol content for drivers in Florida is .08 so any driver who has a blood alcohol content that is alleged to be .08 or higher may wind up facing drunk driving charges.

Thee are many considerations to take into account when facing drunk driving charges such as if the police officer had the legal authority to make the traffic stop that resulted in the drunk driving charges; if the police officer was properly trained to perform any field sobriety tests that were conducted and if they were properly conducted; and if any breathalyzer test that was administered was properly administered and calibrated. Each may be part of a strong criminal defense strategy.

A variety of different components, based on the circumstances, may factor into a drunk driving defense. Because individuals accused of drunk driving are facing potential jail time, steep fines and a driver’s license suspension that can range from 30 to 90 days or longer, it is important for them to take the charges seriously and consider all their criminal defense options.