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Criminal defense basics

| Aug 23, 2018 | criminal defense |

Knowing criminal defense basics is important for every accused individual because criminal defense rights may be all that stands between the accused individual and a potential loss of their freedom. Developing a strong criminal defense strategy to combat the charges the accused individual is facing is an essential component of protecting the accused individual’s freedom and future.

There are a variety of common criminal defenses, and which defense option is best to use depends on the accused individual’s specific situation. Broadly, criminal defense strategies can be looked at based on the claim that the accused individual did not commit the alleged crime, or that they should not be held responsible for committing the alleged crime. It is also important to note that criminal defense strategies can focus on if any of the accused individual’s rights were violated or if procedures required to protect those rights were not followed by authorities.

Criminal defense options that are based on the accused individual’s claim that they did not commit the crime include that they have an alibi or that the prosecution has not proved that they committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. It is important to also keep in mind that accused individuals are innocent until proven guilty. Additional defenses include entrapment, under the influence, duress, insanity or self-defense.

Whatever defense option the accused individual decides to employ, it is helpful to understand the options and how they impact the case. Accused individuals have a lot on the line, which is why it is essential that they understand their criminal defense options and rights.