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Boyfriend arrested after death of missing Florida park ranger

| Jun 29, 2018 | criminal defense |

There are many people in Florida who may, rather suddenly, find themselves in need of a defense to criminal charges. Such is the case for a man who was taken into custody in Hamilton County recently, and the charges he might be facing are some of the worst anyone could face.

According to the reports, the boyfriend of a Florida park ranger was taken into custody as a “person of interest” in a case in which the park ranger was missing, and then found dead in Georgia. Although there has been no official report of the case being investigated as a homicide, law enforcement officials have announced that the circumstances of the park ranger’s death are “suspicious.” The park ranger’s boyfriend is currently being held in police custody due to reported outstanding warrants from neighboring Georgia.

The reports indicate that law enforcement officials are investigating the area where the park ranger’s body was found. There seems to be some hope that the law enforcement officials may find some clues as to how the park ranger’s body was found where it was and how it got there.

Although the park ranger’s boyfriend will apparently need to answer to some warrants out of Georgia, there is possibility that he – or another person of interest that could emerge — may be considered a suspect in the Florida park ranger’s death as well. Ultimately, the police will work to identify someone who could face possible charges of homicide, and possibly more. It is in this type of situation that crafting a sound criminal defense strategy is of paramount importance. Facing murder charges in Florida is one of the most difficult criminal justice cases a person could be in and requires strong legal help.