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National news about Florida man who owed over $500,000 in support

| Apr 6, 2018 | family law |

For some people, child support is a financial burden that they are always looking for ways to get out from under. There are many honest reasons for why Florida residents get behind on child support payments: maybe they unexpectedly lost their job; maybe the initial order of child support was higher than they expected; or maybe other financial circumstances have changed for the worse. But, it is hard for a person to get nearly $550,000 behind on child support unless that person is willingly disobeying a court order.

By now, many of our readers have seen the news story that is making the rounds nationally about a Florida man who recently went missing while paddle-boarding near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When a person goes missing, that is definitely a news-worthy concern, but the big reason for national news coverage in this case is the amount of unpaid child support that the man owed: $549,000.

Now, as our readers can probably guess, the real draw of this case is whether this man actually “disappeared” or drowned at sea, or if he attempted to make it seem that way so that he could get away from his child support obligations. In a recent news story, even the man’s brother admitted that could very well be the case.

Anyone in Florida who is having difficulty making child support payments should probably explore their legal options – not options that are outside the law. While an investigation is still underway to determine what happened to this 52-year-old man who recently went missing, and this could indeed have been a tragic accident, there are obviously some people, including those in his immediate family, who believe it might be a hoax related to child support.

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