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What should Florida residents know about divorce after 50?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | divorce |

Couples getting divorced isn’t a new phenomenon, but nowadays it is becoming more common to see couples who have been married for decades decide to the take the plunge and end their marriages. It is becoming so common that it even has a label: “grey” divorce. Unfortunately, older couples may encounter different challenges in a divorce than a younger couple. So, what should Florida residents know about getting a divorce after the age of 50?

Well, for starters, the recent article focused on those couples in which only one of the spouses makes a significant income – the other might be a “stay-at-home” parent or spouse. For the individual who is on the lower side of the earning spectrum, the job market can be a challenge. They may find that, as they try to test the employment waters, they lack the skills that employers desire in today’s market. That can be challenging for a newly single divorced individual who needs to get a job to make ends meet.

Another difficult aspect of divorce among older couples is how intertwined their lives are: they have the same friends and sometimes the in-laws are just as close to the spouse as their relative. Ending the marital relationship can also mean strain on – or even the end of – other relationships as well. Lastly, the cost of a divorce is something that many people don’t consider. They will need to think about all of the marital property that will be divided – including retirement accounts.

But, for those Florida residents who believe that the time has come to consider divorce, there will be positives as well. As with any situation, the pros and cons must be considered. For some, this means seeking out more legal information.

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