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March 2018 Archives

The evidence that can be used in your criminal defense strategy

When Florida residents are arrested and face criminal charges, their immediate thoughts will go to how the arrest will impact their lives. For some, family relationships will be strained. For others, they could lose their job. An arrest - even without a conviction - can have a significant impact on a person's life. However, in processing the arrest and the consequences, Florida residents will need to begin planning a criminal defense strategy.

Basics of child custody in Florida

If you face divorce when your children are still young, one of the first things you will wonder about is how custody works. Getting some basic facts can provide a framework for figuring out what you need to discuss when consulting your attorney.

What are the most common field sobriety tests?

Most of our readers in Florida are likely to be familiar with one of the most common aspects of a drunk driving stop: field sobriety tests. But, what are the most common field sobriety tests that law enforcement officials put people through during a DUI stop?

What should Florida residents know about divorce after 50?

Couples getting divorced isn't a new phenomenon, but nowadays it is becoming more common to see couples who have been married for decades decide to the take the plunge and end their marriages. It is becoming so common that it even has a label: "grey" divorce. Unfortunately, older couples may encounter different challenges in a divorce than a younger couple. So, what should Florida residents know about getting a divorce after the age of 50?

The right approach to a criminal defense strategy

It is an unfortunate reality that thousands of Florida residents will be arrested each year. An arrest can have a significant impact on a person's life, potentially causing them to lose their job or even affecting child custody arrangements, among other potential consequences. But, the good news is that an arrest is not a conviction - every Florida resident has the constitutional right to present a criminal defense.

The estate tax and its exemptions

There are a lot of considerations that have to go into estate planning. As we have discussed on this blog previously, individuals must consider whether wills and trusts will be beneficial to them and, if so, how best to craft them to meet their needs. While the focus of these legal instruments is often to protect assets from creditors and ensure asset distribution in accordance with an individual's wishes, there may be another major issue that needs to be considered: taxes.

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