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Accused of drunk driving? Fight for your rights

| Feb 13, 2018 | drunk driving defense |

Drunk driving prosecutions remain high across Florida.

Every day, numerous Floridians find themselves in courtrooms trying to figure out the legal decisions that are right for them. In a legal world that can seem fast-paced and complicated, making these decisions can be confusing.

In an attempt to avoid being taken advantage of by aggressive prosecutors, these individuals should consider having a skilled criminal defense attorney by their side rather than simply accepting what the prosecution portrays as truth.

For example, a defendant may feel overwhelmed by field sobriety and breathalyzer test evidence stacked against them. However, as we discussed in a previous post, these tests are not always accurate. Of course, the prosecution isn’t going to key you in on their weaknesses, but an experienced criminal defense attorney can.

At James C. Campbell’s law firm, we know what to look for when approaching a drunk driving case. We initiate discovery, question potential witnesses and utilize case law that strengthens our clients’ cases. Armed with this evidence, we craft compelling legal arguments that can be utilized both in the negotiating room and the courtroom. We ensure that our clients are not surprised by any of the arguments presented by the prosecution, and we make sure that we are prepared to aggressively rebut those assertions.

No attorney can guarantee a certain outcome, but we do promise to give our clients the individualized attention they need to have the best possible chance of beating the charges they face. To learn more, see our DUI defense page.