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| Dec 28, 2017 | criminal defense |

Putting forth a strong criminal defense requires dedication, legal know-how and skill. One element of this defense, as we discussed previously on the blog, is knowing the rules of evidence, which includes hearsay. Without raising proper objections to hearsay and responding appropriately to such objections, as well as failing to find exceptions to hearsay, one’s criminal defense can be significantly diminished. This means that lacking the knowledge and skill to address this one seemingly minor issue can leave one susceptible to conviction and the penalties that accompany it.

With so much at stake, Floridians who are accused of criminal wrongdoing need to thus ensure that they are represented by someone who knows the law and how to utilize it to one’s benefit. The law firm of James C. Campbell has dedicated a significant part of its practice representing those who have been charged with various criminal offenses. Utilizing this experience, as well as our firm grasp of the law, we aggressively advocate for our clients, which includes negotiating plea bargains as well as litigating cases in court.

From assessing a prosecution’s case to gathering witness testimony and preserving matters for appeal, our legal team provides a holistic approach criminal defense representation. We give each of our clients the one-on-one attention their case deserves, too, allowing our clients to feel confident that they are receiving the custom-tailored legal approach their case needs. This is critically important, as taking a generic approach to criminal defense increases the likelihood that one will be convicted or receive an unfair deal at the negotiating table.

No law firm can guarantee any particular outcome in a criminal case, but that does not mean that all law firms are created equally. Therefore, Floridians who are seeking legal representation need to ensure that they are performing their due diligence before deciding on an attorney to represent them. We are proud of our record of helping our clients reach a favorable outcome, and we thus encourage others to further research our firm to determine if we are a right fit for their legal representation needs.