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The process of getting divorced can take a toll on you in many ways. Of course, bringing about the end of a relationship, sometimes one that has been decades in the making, can be emotionally damaging. To make matters worse, divorce often brings up difficult financial problems, the outcomes of which can set the stage for your post-divorce life. When it comes to property division, alimony and child support, Floridians need to ensure that they are doing everything they can to protect their financial interests from the get-go. Although spousal support and child support may be modified post-divorce, it can be challenging, and property division is permanent.

Therefore, if you are considering marriage dissolution, then you need to protect yourself by putting forth strong legal arguments to support your positions. This may mean uncovering your spouse’s secret accounts, arguing as to why some property is jointly owned while other property should be considered being separately owned by you and why you are entitled to a certain value of the marital property. Putting forth these arguments requires legal skill and an eye for what judges and other attorneys will be looking for.

These are skills possessed by those at the James C. Campbell law firm. Armed with aggressive yet personable negotiation skills, we diligently work to try to resolve these oftentimes contested financial matters without taking them to court. Yet, in the event that no agreement can be made, we don’t shy away from litigation. Instead, we stand up for our clients, providing them with the zealous advocacy needed to prevail when dealing with contentious family law matters.

No two marriages are the same, though, and the same holds true for divorces. Our legal approach is therefore one of individual attention and tailored legal strategies to the facts of a given case. In the end, we hope to help our clients reach favorable outcomes to their divorce issues so that they can start their new lives on the firm financial footing they deserve. Those who want to learn more about the tactics we utilize to try to reach those ends can contact us for more information.