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Our firm knows how to raise reasonable doubt as to drunk driving

| Oct 27, 2017 | drunk driving defense |

Previously on this blog we discussed a couple of the field sobriety tests that police officers rely on when trying to determine whether a motorist is intoxicated. If a driver fails those tests, the results are passed on to prosecutors, who then use them as evidence as a way to obtain a drunk driving conviction. A conviction, in turn, can leave an individual facing serious penalties. Depending on the circumstances, these penalties may include jail or prison, fines, license suspension, license revocation and significant damage to one’s reputation. With that in mind, if you have been accused of DUI, then you need to think about how to put forth a strong criminal defense that protects your interests.

There are usually a number of ways that you can try to raise reasonable doubt as to your guilt. One of the strongest ways is to challenge the legality of the initial stop. If the traffic stop was illegally conducted, then evidence obtained subsequent to the stop may be suppressed, even if it is pretty strong evidence of your guilt.

Another way to challenge the prosecution is to raise doubt as to the results of a field sobriety test. Police officers must adhere to strict protocols when conducting these tests and failing to do so could result in invalid and inaccurate results. Therefore, if you are facing field sobriety or breathalyzer evidence, then you may need a strong criminal defense lawyer on your side who can help you build a strong case.

At James C. Campbell LLC, our legal team knows how to accurately assess a case and determine the best options moving forward. We discuss those options with our clients and, once they have decided how they wish to proceed, we aggressively work to ensure we leave our clients with the best possible chance of obtaining a favorable outcome given the facts at hand. Those who want to learn more about our successes in defending drunk drivers should feel free to further peruse our website.