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October 2017 Archives

Our firm knows how to raise reasonable doubt as to drunk driving

Previously on this blog we discussed a couple of the field sobriety tests that police officers rely on when trying to determine whether a motorist is intoxicated. If a driver fails those tests, the results are passed on to prosecutors, who then use them as evidence as a way to obtain a drunk driving conviction. A conviction, in turn, can leave an individual facing serious penalties. Depending on the circumstances, these penalties may include jail or prison, fines, license suspension, license revocation and significant damage to one's reputation. With that in mind, if you have been accused of DUI, then you need to think about how to put forth a strong criminal defense that protects your interests.

Can I change my custody order after the divorce is final?

Question: My divorce was final a few years ago and my ex and I decided that she should have primary custody since I was on the road so much. My job has now changed and I am home most of the month. I would like to have fifty/fifty custody. Can we change the original agreement?

Florida teens arrested after allegedly making threats

A conviction for any criminal offense can lead to negative consequences. Yet, juveniles who wind up facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing can have a lot at stake. First of all, these young individuals may not know that what they are doing is a criminal offense, if they've done anything wrong at all. Yet, if they are convicted of a juvenile crime they can wind up facing harsh penalties, as well as a record that can drastically affect their future. Their reputation can be damaged, too, which may be something that is hard to repair at a young age. With so much on the line, juveniles who have been accused of a criminal act should carefully consider their criminal defense options.

Divorce, property division and inheritances

The divorce process can be emotional for a variety of reasons. To start with, marriage dissolution involves the ending of what is oftentimes a long-lasting and deep relationship. When infidelity or a breakdown in communication is to blame, the split can be even more difficult to handle. In addition, divorce may mean that a couple has to figure out how to co-parent their children. Although working with an ex-spouse can be trying in its own way, marriage dissolution can also significantly limit the amount of time one can spend with his or her children. As if these emotionally trying issues aren't enough, divorce can also deal an individual a significant financial blow.

Drunk driving and the walk-and-turn test

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed the horizontal gaze nystagmus test and how law enforcement and prosecutors often rely on that field sobriety test to obtain arrests and convictions. Although they find this test to be critically important, it is not the only field sobriety test utilized by the police. Another method they use to test for signs of intoxication is the walk-and-turn test.

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