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What to do when arrested for drug possession

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | criminal defense |

Drug charges are a grave offense in any state. Facing drug possession charges have severe consequences on a person’s life. Under the federal drug laws, drug charges attract penalties, hefty fines, and remain in one’s record for a very long time. 

Before getting to what suspects will face if found guilty, they should think about the situation at hand. Here are important ways in how suspects should conduct themselves when arrested on suspicion of a drug charge. 

Not talking their way out 

It is nearly impossible to weasel out a drug arrest, and trying can worsen the situation. It is just a suspicion, and attempting to bribe the officer only portrays the suspect as guilty. 

Talk to a lawyer 

The best thing to do when arrested for a drug charge is to call a lawyer. Lawyers have all the legal knowledge and can use them to handle the situation. The court also provides the suspects with a public defender if they cannot afford a lawyer. 

Do not sign or write anything 

What suspects write at the time of arrest is used in court and may complicate the situation. Even if the police give them a form to sign, a suspect should wait for their lawyer to arrive before signing. 

Set a bail 

The case is going to take some time, and the suspect may not want to stay in the cell waiting for the hearing. Everyone as a right to bail, and based on the circumstances, the judge will decide whether to grant or deny bail. 

Laws for drug charges vary by state, and people need to understand them to know the penalties, charges, etc. Staying updated with the court processes will also help identify any new laws.