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Drug charges in Florida may not always result in imprisonment

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2019 | criminal defense |

At the Campbell & Madden, PLLC, our commitment is to help you mount a strong legal defense against drug-related charges filed under Florida codes. Our objective for any defendant we defend is to avoid a conviction, which in the Sunshine State may result in a lengthy term of incarceration for drug-related offenses. In the event that a prosecutor does provide enough evidence to convince a jury to convict, our goal is to help you establish the most lenient punishment possible.

Under certain circumstances, a judge may grant a defendant a sentence of rehabilitation, community service or probation instead of imprisonment. When a 33-year-old offender with a history of several drug-related charges found herself arrested again on allegations of trafficking, she had just completed a five-year sentence of probation. According to Newsweek magazine, a judge previously sentenced her to probation in 2014 after she accidentally burned down a 3,500-year-old historic tree while intoxicated.

The judge in that prior case decided to suspend the defendant’s original sentence of 30 months imprisonment if she agreed to carry out a five-year probation term successfully. Now that she successfully completed her sentence, however, deputies with a search warrant allegedly found plastic bags containing drugs inside of a washing machine and in a drawer at her home.

The woman may have a previous arrest record, but it is nonetheless up to the prosecutor to prove that the drugs actually belonged to her. While drug charges may not always result in a conviction or incarceration, the possibility of having the charges dismissed or the sentencing reduced begins with an aggressive legal defense.

Our page on drug-related offenses provides more information on how to assert your legal rights to a strong defense.