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Help with post-divorce modifications

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | divorce |

Divorce-related modifications are essential for many divorced couples and families as things change following a divorce. Divorce modifications can help when changes need to be made to a child support order, child custody order or a spousal support order.

Resolving all of the divorce-related issues divorcing couples must decide during their divorce can be challenging, however, future challenges may come up down the road that require a divorce modification. Divorce modifications may be possible if there is a significant change in circumstances that is also permanent and is not expected to change. Both former spouses seeking a modification, and those opposing a modification, should be familiar with the legal resources available to address their concerns.

Family law resources can also help divorced parents who are seeking to enforce a child support or child custody order or parents who know they will be having troubles making required child support payments and needing help. Life seldom stays the same following a divorce which is a reality the family law system is prepared to deal with. Just as the family law system is prepared to help divorcing couples through their divorce-related concerns, it can help with modifications as well.

Whether a parent or child has experienced a significant change in circumstances that requires a change in a child support order or child custody order, the family law system can help. Parents should promptly reach out to seek out family law resources when they know help will be needed seeking or opposing a modification.