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Child support and spousal support following a divorce

| Feb 1, 2019 | family law |

How much money will have to be paid in child support and spousal following a divorce is an important concern for most divorcing couples and parents. Because of the understandable concerns surrounding child support and spousal support, it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand how the family law process addresses these concerns.

Child support is determined based on child support guidelines in the state of Florida. Spousal support is determined based on a variety of different factors. In addition, there are different types of spousal support, or alimony, that may be awarded. The different types of alimony include permanent periodic alimony; rehabilitative alimony; transitional or bridge the gap alimony; and temporary alimony. The different types of alimony are designed for former spouses in different situations.

Different information may be required of the spouses including financial records such as bank accounts and income records. A financial affidavit may also be required in circumstances of child support because child support is determined based on the income of the parents. Parents may also have additional obligations for the financial support and care of their children beyond child support payments for medical insurance and expenses; child care expenses; and other expenses as well. There are also different family law resources available if a parent is struggling to collect or pay child support.

Following a divorce, the family law court will seek to ensure the divorcing spouses are each on a solid a financial footing as possible. In addition, it will seek to ensure that children are financially cared for. As a result, it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand how these determinations are made so they know what to expect.