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The timeline of events in a divorce case

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | divorce |

Married couples who are thinking of divorcing usually go through months or even years of tension, arguments and general unhappiness with each other. For some, with each passing day, the relationship gets worse and the couple comes to realize that divorce is the best option to a bad situation. Once that decision has been made, there is a timeline of events that occur in a divorce case.

First, a decision will need to be made to determine whether the couple meets the legal requirements to file for a divorce. Each state has its own requirements, and Florida is no exception. Understanding the legal requirements before attempting to file for divorce is crucial.

Next, the initiating documents for the divorce case will need to be prepared and filed. There are different types of divorce processes for different situations, depending on the couple’s assets, whether any children are involved and the reason for the divorce. It is obviously very important for these documents to be filled out and filed correctly. Once filed, these documents will need to be “served” on the other party.

After the initiating documents are properly served by one spouse upon the other, the responding spouse has a chance to file an answer to the divorce petition. There may be disagreements about what the preferred outcome to the divorce would be in terms of certain assets, child support and child custody. From there, the case will proceed, typically, on either a trial setting or toward mediation. And, in some cases, it is possible for the parties to negotiate a resolution to the divorce case out of court.