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January 2018 Archives

Living wills and the power of attorney for health care

Quite frequently, those who engage in estate planning maintain their focus on the financial aspects of the process. Sure, deciding how to distribute assets and diminish debts is of critical importance in these matters, but they are not the only concerns that Floridians should take into account.

Estate planning: trust basics

Many Floridians hate thinking about their own mortality. This is completely natural. Yet, considering our ultimate demise is important when it comes to estate planning. After all, those who fail to figure out how to address their assets and debt in the event of their passing may wind up leaving their loved ones with unexpected probate costs. Also, if they fail to plan, then they may be unable to have their assets passed down in accordance with their wishes.

Three Floridians facing serious drug charges after search

Most Floridians have probably heard about the opioid epidemic that many claim is spreading throughout the country. While many are concerned about the health effects of this ever-growing problem, others see it as a looming legal problem. After all, in an attempt to curb the problem, law enforcement officials are aggressively pursuing those they believe to be furthering the spread of drugs in the community. This work is admirable, but it can also lead to the trampling of accused individuals' legal rights. Criminal defendants may need to rely on these violations in order to put forth a strong defense and, hopefully, suppress otherwise compromising evidence.

Breathalyzer test results may be inaccurate

With the start of a new year often comes the pursuit of a significant number of drunk driving charges. New Year's Eve often brings saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints, which leave many Floridians facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing. If convicted, these individuals may wind up facing serious penalties, including jail, prison, fines, license suspension, license revocation and damage to one's reputation that may be difficult to remedy. In other words, those accused of drunk driving have a lot on the line. Failing to aggressively defend one's self can thus result in significant negative changes to one's life.

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