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Getting an estate plan going and set up is a must

This blog recently addressed the importance of updating an estate plan but, of course, of at least equal importance, is setting up an estate plan. One of the most basic and foundational components of an estate plan is a will and drafting a will is important but there are also a host of other concerns for the estate planner to address.

Knowing when to update an estate plan is important

Updating an estate plan is equally important to developing a well thought out and effective estate plan. Just as estate planning should take into account different aspects of the estate planner's life, it is also important to take into account any changes in the estate planner's life when updating an estate plan.

What is required for a will to be valid in Florida?

One of the most important parts of an estate plan is a will which directs the distribution of the estate planner's assets to the beneficiaries they select and according to their direction. There are many considerations to take into account when estate planning including wills, beneficiaries and probate so it is important to be as familiar as possible with the different components of an estate plan and the requirements for each of them.

Trusts, estate planning and probate

Probate can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are estate planning tools that can help estate planners develop an estate plan that addresses their concerns and meets their needs and may help them avoid the costly and time-consuming probate process. Probate can take time and money grieving families do not have.

The process of drafting a will

There are many important steps involved in drafting a will. Estate planners should be familiar with the will drafting process to ensure that their wishes are accurately included in their will and that their estate planning concerns are addressed.

Understanding who can challenge a will

When a will is challenged, it can impact a number of parties which is why it is helpful to understand who can challenge a will. It is not possible for everyone or anyone to challenge a will and, generally, only an interested party has standing to challenge the will and is able to challenge a will.

Estate planning documents to be familiar with

Rules and requirements concerning estate planning can vary by state which is why it is always helpful to understand the rules and requirements in the estate planner's state but there are several documents that form the basis of an effective estate plan. The estate planning documents, or tools, estate planners may wish to consider can be utilized in a manner that fits the estate planner's needs and wishes for their overall estate plan.

Help with estate planning, administration and the probate process

While estate planning can be an emotional challenge, it can also provide much-needed peace of mind for the estate planner and family members. As a result, making sure to understand estate planning concerns, and the probate process as well, is useful.

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