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The process of drafting a will

There are many important steps involved in drafting a will. Estate planners should be familiar with the will drafting process to ensure that their wishes are accurately included in their will and that their estate planning concerns are addressed.

Understanding who can challenge a will

When a will is challenged, it can impact a number of parties which is why it is helpful to understand who can challenge a will. It is not possible for everyone or anyone to challenge a will and, generally, only an interested party has standing to challenge the will and is able to challenge a will.

Estate planning documents to be familiar with

Rules and requirements concerning estate planning can vary by state which is why it is always helpful to understand the rules and requirements in the estate planner's state but there are several documents that form the basis of an effective estate plan. The estate planning documents, or tools, estate planners may wish to consider can be utilized in a manner that fits the estate planner's needs and wishes for their overall estate plan.

Help with estate planning, administration and the probate process

While estate planning can be an emotional challenge, it can also provide much-needed peace of mind for the estate planner and family members. As a result, making sure to understand estate planning concerns, and the probate process as well, is useful.

What is probate?

Because many estate planners want to avoid probate, it is important to be familiar with what probate is and the probate process. Though you have likely heard the term on many occasions, you may wonder what probate involves.

The right approach to estate planning and probate

Most people in Florida know that they need to have an estate plan in place. However, for a variety of reasons, some individuals put off this highly important task. Some people may believe that they have insufficient assets to warrant an estate plan. Others may believe that there are simply too many options to consider to come to a decision. And, still others are just plain procrastinating. But, with the right approach, the issues of estate planning and probate can be handled efficiently and effectively.

Can a trust help you avoid probate?

For many Florida residents, estate planning can be a challenge. For starters, many people are simply unfamiliar with many of the estate planning options available to them, while others put off the task until later, whenever that is. However, for those who realize the importance of crafting a comprehensive estate plan, there are likely to be many questions. One question will likely pertain to the utility of a trust as part of an estate plan - can a trust help you avoid probate?

Understand the basics about will requirements in Florida

Most people in Florida know what a will is supposed to do as part of an estate plan. This document is intended to specify how the person who makes it, called the testator, wants their assets distributed upon death, as well as noting any potential guardian for minor children, among many other possibilities. But, in order to have an effective will drafted, there are certain legal requirements for this document that must be met.

Think you don't need a will? Think again

Most Florida residents know that they need to have an estate plan in place, yet the task of estate planning is routinely one that is pushed aside to be addressed later. But, no one knows what is going to happen to them today, tomorrow or anytime in the future. So, is it acceptable to just go through life without an estate plan, or at least a will? Probably not.

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