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Basics of child custody in Florida

If you face divorce when your children are still young, one of the first things you will wonder about is how custody works. Getting some basic facts can provide a framework for figuring out what you need to discuss when consulting your attorney.

How remarriage may affect child support

You are soon to get remarried and are full of questions about how the child support you pay or receive could change. For example, say that you pay child support and your new spouse makes a lot more money than you do. Does that mean your payments are likely to increase?

A guide to Florida marijuana laws

Several states are passing medical or recreational marijuana laws. California now has legal marijuana, and a recent news report speculates that Florida may be next. But it may be hard to determine exactly how Florida law treats marijuana. With terms such as legalization, decriminalization and medical marijuana, you may find it confusing to keep track of marijuana laws in the Sunshine State.

Divorce might be the best option for you and your kids

Some might have an impression that, for the sake of the kids, it is better to remain in a loveless marriage than to divorce. However, in some cases, such an approach might actually run against the very goal a parent is trying to further: protecting their kids' well-being.

Can children choose which parent to live with in Florida?

Divorce with children is infinitely more complex than a divorce without children. So many factors come into play regarding child custody, visitation and child support when a divorce is being settled. In cases in which the divorce is contentious, these issues may become even more heated.

Can I change my custody order after the divorce is final?

Question: My divorce was final a few years ago and my ex and I decided that she should have primary custody since I was on the road so much. My job has now changed and I am home most of the month. I would like to have fifty/fifty custody. Can we change the original agreement?

5 questions going into a divorce

Many times divorce is ugly, and there is no doubt divorce is the right thing to do. Nearly as often, we work with clients who still have a lot of feelings for one another.

Fathers may want to establish legal paternity

Your life can change when you have a child. You may experience love and joy like never before. As a father, you want to make sure that you can do everything you can for your child. In some cases, that may mean that you will want to establish paternity. The idea of a paternity test often has a negative connotation, but that isn’t always the case.

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