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What penalties can I face for a drunk driving charge?

In general, there is a list of potential penalties individuals accused of drunk driving may face but they may also specifically wonder what those potential penalties and consequences they are facing are. Typically, accused individuals facing drunk driving charges are facing a fine, potential incarceration, driver's license suspension or revocation, probation and the requirement that they enroll in a drunk driving or alcoholism class.

Criminal defense protections for those accused of DUI

While there may sometimes be the impression that drunk driving charges are not serious criminal charges, they are serious criminal charges that threaten significant potential penalties and consequences for the accused individual. The accused individual may face potential incarceration, steep fines and a criminal record as a result of DUI charges.

All about breathalyzer tests and how to challenge them

Penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving charges are serious which is why accused individuals should be familiar with the evidence that may be used against them if they are facing drunk driving charges. Accusations, allegations and charges related to impaired driving are oftentimes based on breathalyzer tests results. A breathalyzer test is designed to measure the blood alcohol content level of the accused individual.

Man faces drunk driving charges after restaurant argument

Drunk driving charges are a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. In a Florida community east of the Shalimar area, a 41-year old man was recently arrested on drunk driving charges. According to authorities, they pulled the man over after he left a local restaurant where a verbal dispute had been reported. According to the police report, the man did not initially pull over for police and was traveling 57 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. Authorities reported that the man had the smell of alcohol on his breath and that they also found a glass pipe for marijuana use.

Potential penalties associated with drunk driving

Because penalties for drunk driving can be serious, it is important to be familiar with drunk driving defense options. Drunk driving defenses include a range of options based on the situation and circumstances the accused individual is facing, including the charges and potential penalties they are facing.

Florida high school coach facing drunk driving charges

This blog recently discussed the importance of a strong drunk driving defense. Drunk driving charges can present many negative personal and professional consequences and can also result in serious potential penalties including jail time and fines. In a nearby Florida community approximately an hour and a half from the Shalimar area, a head high school football coach was recently arrested on drunk driving charges.

The importance of a criminal defense to DUI charges

When facing drunk driving charges, it is important to first understand that there are both criminal and administrative consequences associated with a DUI charge. One can result in potentially significant fines and time and jail and other can result in driver's license suspension and other possible penalties and consequences.

Common defenses to drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges are serious. Even first-time defendants can face stiff fines, suspended driving privileges and, perhaps, time behind bars. The penalties get much harsher for repeat offenders. With all this at stake, it is important to be familiar with defense strategies. When facing drunk driving charges, there are two different types of defenses which fall into two separate categories.

What are the penalties for a DUI conviction in Florida?

Drunk driving is one of the most common criminal charges people face in Florida and throughout the country. Despite public awareness campaigns to alert people of the dangers of drunk driving, thousands of people in Florida are charged with this crime each year. And, the penalties that these individuals face upon conviction can be difficult to overcome.

Know how to deal with drunk driving charges

For someone who gets pulled over by police officers in Florida on suspicion of drunk driving, it may be their first encounter with law enforcement in which they are a suspect of a crime. Such a situation can obviously be nerve-racking, and it can make people act different than they normally would. Police officers in these situations are looking for signs of intoxication, so "odd" behavior may make them think that intoxication is playing a role in the way a suspect acts. But, what if you weren't intoxicated, and you still failed the field sobriety tests?

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