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When can a will be contested?

Estate planning is generally something than many people neglect until it is almost too late. This procrastination should be avoided at all costs, as doing so could endanger the estate's assets in many ways. Property may go to the individual whom the deceased did not wish to inherit, and taxes and fees can leave the estate significantly diminished. Yet, even those who take steps in an attempt to protect their estate may wind up facing legal trouble.

What is probate?

Estate planning is a critical part of ensuring not only one's own financial well-being, but also those of his or her beneficiaries. Often associated with estate planning, the term "probate" often carries negative connotations. This may be caused by its portrayal in television and movies, but Floridians need to fully understand the probate process, as it may give them a clearer sense of which estate planning tools are best suited to their needs.

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