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May 2019 Archives

What is spousal support?

Readers of this Florida family law legal blog may know that a divorce will end a marriage. It breaks the legal bonds that marriage created between two people and returns them to the single status that they possessed prior to securing their union. A person can remarry after they get a divorce and form a new marital bond, or they may choose to stay single indefinitely.

The importance of a drunk driving defense

Although a drunk driving charge may seem minor at first, DUI charges can have a serious impact on an accused individual's personal and professional lives. It can create a criminal record that will follow the accused individual as well as result in serious penalties and consequences. This is especially true considering that potential penalties have been increasing in Florida.

Defining and understanding domestic violence

Domestic violence can be a complicated legal matter than can involve both the criminal law and family law systems. It can lead to serious penalties and consequences that can increase if there is a protective order that the accused individual us also accused of violating which may result in additional charges, penalties and consequences.

The process to obtain child support in Florida

Children have a right to be supported by their parents and it is important that divorcing parents or unmarried parents understand their child support rights and responsibilities. The family law process in Florida can help parents sort through child support concerns and help them resolve these important issues for the benefit of the child.

What are drunk driving charges based on?

Knowing what drunk driving charges are based on can help accused individuals better defend against the charges they must deal with. Drunk driving defenses are particularly important because of the serious potential consequences and penalties facing individuals who have been accused of driving under the influence.

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