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January 2019 Archives

Can students lose scholarships after a DUI?

It is no surprise to hear many college students experiment with alcohol while in school. Unfortunately, many decide to act dangerously after a night of drinking and get behind the wheel of a car. One University of Florida student did precisely this by ramming his car into a light pole. Police later arrested him for driving under the influence of alcohol

All about breathalyzer tests and how to challenge them

Penalties and consequences associated with drunk driving charges are serious which is why accused individuals should be familiar with the evidence that may be used against them if they are facing drunk driving charges. Accusations, allegations and charges related to impaired driving are oftentimes based on breathalyzer tests results. A breathalyzer test is designed to measure the blood alcohol content level of the accused individual.

The importance of knowing criminal defense options

A strong criminal defense is important to develop and to understand. In many respects, it is based on the situation, alleged facts of the situation, circumstances of the accused individual and how authorities and prosecutors are approaching the charges the accused individual is facing.

The process of drafting a will

There are many important steps involved in drafting a will. Estate planners should be familiar with the will drafting process to ensure that their wishes are accurately included in their will and that their estate planning concerns are addressed.

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