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How child custody concerns are handled during divorce

Many divorcing families may be generally familiar with child custody but it can be useful to review how child custody decisions are made when a couple is facing divorce and is understandably concerned about child custody. During a divorce, child custody can be a concern that is on the top of the list for many divorcing couples so it helps to understand the process.

How can I relocate after a divorce in Florida?

If you are divorced and have children with your ex, you cannot simply decide to relocate with your child or children. If you plan on moving away from where you currently live, you need to go through particular procedures with respect to your relocation in order for it to be legal according to your current divorce agreement and child custody arrangements.

Man faces drunk driving charges after restaurant argument

Drunk driving charges are a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. In a Florida community east of the Shalimar area, a 41-year old man was recently arrested on drunk driving charges. According to authorities, they pulled the man over after he left a local restaurant where a verbal dispute had been reported. According to the police report, the man did not initially pull over for police and was traveling 57 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. Authorities reported that the man had the smell of alcohol on his breath and that they also found a glass pipe for marijuana use.

Addressing child custody concerns

Child custody concerns are an important consideration for most divorcing parents. As a result, it is helpful for divorcing parents to understand how child custody concerns are addressed and handled through the family law system and the resources available to them through the family law process.

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