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November 2018 Archives

Understanding who can challenge a will

When a will is challenged, it can impact a number of parties which is why it is helpful to understand who can challenge a will. It is not possible for everyone or anyone to challenge a will and, generally, only an interested party has standing to challenge the will and is able to challenge a will.

The different options for establishing paternity

There are different methods of establishing paternity it is important for parents and families to be familiar with. Paternity has significant implications for children, parents and families including both emotional and financial importance that can also impact child custody and child support.

Potential penalties associated with drunk driving

Because penalties for drunk driving can be serious, it is important to be familiar with drunk driving defense options. Drunk driving defenses include a range of options based on the situation and circumstances the accused individual is facing, including the charges and potential penalties they are facing.

Everything to know about the divorce process in Florida

There is a lot to go over during a divorce process. Divorcing couples will need to sort out property and debt division; alimony and child support; child custody and visitation which can each lead to their own sets of anxieties, concerns and acrimonies. Fortunately, the family law system is available to help divorcing couples through the process.

Estate planning documents to be familiar with

Rules and requirements concerning estate planning can vary by state which is why it is always helpful to understand the rules and requirements in the estate planner's state but there are several documents that form the basis of an effective estate plan. The estate planning documents, or tools, estate planners may wish to consider can be utilized in a manner that fits the estate planner's needs and wishes for their overall estate plan.

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