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Know how to deal with drunk driving charges

For someone who gets pulled over by police officers in Florida on suspicion of drunk driving, it may be their first encounter with law enforcement in which they are a suspect of a crime. Such a situation can obviously be nerve-racking, and it can make people act different than they normally would. Police officers in these situations are looking for signs of intoxication, so "odd" behavior may make them think that intoxication is playing a role in the way a suspect acts. But, what if you weren't intoxicated, and you still failed the field sobriety tests?

Will divorce jeopardize savings for your kid's college education?

Couples in Florida who decide to pursue a divorce will likely have many different concerns on their minds. And, the primary concerns might be different for each individual. However, for those couples who have children and who are going through the divorce process, the kids are usually the ultimate issue. But, beyond child custody and child support, which are obviously huge issues for parents to address, there are other concerns when it comes to the children as well. For instance, will the divorce have a significant impact on the college savings you have set aside for your children?

Modifying child custody in Florida

When a couple divorces with minor children, the parenting plan forms an important part of the final divorce order. Parents may agree on a plan and submit to the court for approval, or litigate this issue before a judge, who will then come up with an arrangement he or she deem in the best interests of the child.

Take the right steps in the aftermath of an arrest in Florida

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a traumatic experience for most people. After all, not many people have contact with law enforcement and the judicial system on a regular basis, so when these types of encounters do occur people may be nervous, anxious and generally unprepared for how to act. But, as long as arrestees can keep their wits about them during their interaction with law enforcement, they may be able to reach a positive resolution.

Understand the basics about will requirements in Florida

Most people in Florida know what a will is supposed to do as part of an estate plan. This document is intended to specify how the person who makes it, called the testator, wants their assets distributed upon death, as well as noting any potential guardian for minor children, among many other possibilities. But, in order to have an effective will drafted, there are certain legal requirements for this document that must be met.

The right approach to complicated family law issues

No one likes to air their dirty laundry in public, but complicated family law issues usually result in high-stakes court hearings, hurt feelings and relationships that are changed forever, sometimes with all of this playing out in public. From divorce issues, such as property division, child support and child custody, to paternity issues and domestic violence, family law issues are, perhaps above any other area of law, an area in which the people involved have life-changing decisions to make. Finding the right approach to these complicated issues can seem daunting to any Florida resident.

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