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November 2017 Archives

When can a will be contested?

Estate planning is generally something than many people neglect until it is almost too late. This procrastination should be avoided at all costs, as doing so could endanger the estate's assets in many ways. Property may go to the individual whom the deceased did not wish to inherit, and taxes and fees can leave the estate significantly diminished. Yet, even those who take steps in an attempt to protect their estate may wind up facing legal trouble.

Can children choose which parent to live with in Florida?

Divorce with children is infinitely more complex than a divorce without children. So many factors come into play regarding child custody, visitation and child support when a divorce is being settled. In cases in which the divorce is contentious, these issues may become even more heated.

Same-sex couples face challenging divorce issues

It has been a few years now since the Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling that gave equal marriage rights to all Americans, regardless of sexual preference. Although that ruling extended marital rights and provided clarification for citizens and states alike, it didn't address the issue of divorce. Now, many same-sex couples are finding themselves facing challenging family law issues when they decide to dissolve their marriages.

What is paternity and why is it important?

When it comes to child-related legal matters, the law often favors mothers. Unmarried mothers are assumed to have custody, and child support is often ordered to be paid to these custodial mothers. Fathers, on the other hand, typically have to be active in their pursuit to secure their legal rights. The first step in doing so is establishing paternity.

Pre-trial diversion may lead to dismissed charges

Drug crimes are taken seriously in Florida, which means that those who have been accused of committing one of these offenses has a lot at stake. Failing to properly defend one's self can result in the imposition of harsh penalties, which may include fines, damage to one's reputation and prison. Therefore, it is imperative that these accused individuals understand the criminal defense options available to them, lest they want their lives to be negatively affected for a long time to come.

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