Skilled Defense Against Drug Charges

Drug charges are among the most common criminal charges and are the primary source of long-term prison sentences in Florida and nationally. If you have been charged with a drug crime, even a relatively minor one, you need a skilled criminal defense to hopefully keep you off the path toward serious penalties.

At Law Offices of James C. Campbell, P.A., in Shalimar, Florida, we have over 30 years of combined experience defending clients against drug charges. Contact us to meet with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer about your charges.

Choosing the Right Drug Defense Strategy for You

The consequences of a drug charge depend on both the specific drug and the specific charge involved. We are experienced at defending clients against charges of possession, sale, trafficking and manufacture of drugs like cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine, as well as other drug charges.

Attorney James C. Campbell has a reputation for honest and responsible legal representation. If he believes the evidence against you was acquired in an illegal search, you can expect his efforts to suppress that evidence will be taken seriously.

Conviction on a drug charge may involve jail time and fines as well as a criminal record that can keep you from getting certain jobs. We will push for the best possible outcome under your specific circumstances, whether that is acquittal, dismissal of the charges, probation or a drug treatment diversion program.

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Handling Prescription Drug Charges

Prescription drug abuse is increasingly an object of criminal charges. If you are caught with drugs like Xanax, antidepressants, painkillers, uppers or downers for which you do not personally have a prescription, you can be charged with drug possession.

While prosecutors are often willing to work out a stand-alone prescription drug charge, these charges are often brought in conjunction with other charges like DUI and can add to the difficulties of mounting a successful criminal defense.